Virtual Offerings From Beauty Brands Help With Zoom Wedding Day Prep

David Rubin

June 18, 2020In Uncategorized

A slow song comes on, and phone flashlights light up across a series of Zoom tiles, swaying like they would at a concert.

In a way, these fans are at a concert, but this is a virtual one on Zoom, with over 200 people all listening to the same songs together from their own rooms. The 5 Seconds of Summer songs cut in and out, getting fuzzy, distorted, muted, and blaring as fans wave their arms, mouth the words, dance along, or just scroll through their phones. Although the members of 5 Seconds of Summer aren’t scheduled to be on the call, their faces appear as Zoom backgrounds, posters hanging on walls, user icons, and, in one case, a mask worn by a fan.

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Zack's Zoomitzvah

David Rubin

June 17, 2020In Uncategorized